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Global Education Services

In the past two decades or so, the world has definitely come closer with enhanced focus on global education. There is an impressive widening of reach and students have a plethora of education opportunities to choose from. There are no limitations regarding which part of the world they wish to study in. There is a huge demand for the best universities across the world and for bright and talented Indian students, sky is the limit.

Counselling and Admission


Welcome to the academic programme of your choice. We hope that your experience in this programme would prove satisfying both academically and professionally. As a participant in this programme, you would require to interact with Zigbee infotech on several academic and administrative matters. CME policies, procedures and formalities that need to be carried out for the purpose of Personal Contact Programmes at the Nodal Centre, assignments, term-end examinations, progression to next module, re-registration for backlogs (if, any) and convocation are mentioned below.

Student support


To help our students better and in faster ways we have a dedicated cell for student support which acts as a connecting link between all the departments of Zigbee infotech Students of all programmes receive desired assistance in various procedures / processes related to the programme and its conduction. The Student Support Cell is the single point of contact for availing all the information related to any of the issues / problems / queries of the students. Students may contact Student Support –Incharge for any queries related to the following areas of concern:

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